We’re still a ways away from the release of Sublime 1.3 but I thought it would be a good idea to provide a sneak peak into what we have in the works.

Apache Support

Although Sublime currently supports Active Directory authentication with Apache it requires you to install and configure Apache manually.  Starting in Sublime 1.3 we will manage the installation and configuration process automatically.  No more mucking around in configuration files – Sublime 1.3 will provide the same easy-to-use management interface that we do for the rest of Sublime’s features.

Hook Script Management

Sublime 1.3 will support hook script management for repositories.  Administrators will be able to make certain hook scripts available and even enforce that all repositories use certain scripts.  This is useful for enforcing policies or integrating with other systems such as bug trackers.  Once these scripts are available repository owners will be able to easily enable or disable them for their repositories.

Minor Features and Updates

Sublime 1.3 will also include the following minor updates:

  • Delete a Repository – administrators and (optionally) repository owners will now be able to delete a repository directly within Sublime
  • Require Commit Messages – owners will be able to enforce commit messages per-repository
  • Bug Fixes and other minor features we can sneak into the development schedule

As always, please leave us feedback on our feedback forum.  This is one of the primary methods we use when planning features for Sublime.